• Artificial insemination
  • Post-foaling examinations

Artificial insemination with fresh semen collected locally or shipped cooled semen is available. This service includes preparation for insemination by short-cycling your mare with hormones to prepare her for timely breeding as close to ovulation as possible. Hormones to hasten ovulation as well as to discourage fluid pooling in the uterus are used to improve the chance of conception. In the event of fluid pooling, a uterine lavage can be performed. This entire process is monitored through the use of sequential ultrasound examinations.

Post-foaling examinations are important for the health of your mare and foal. The mare, foal and placenta are thoroughly examined. At this time, blood is drawn from the foal to check IgG levels (immunoglobulins absorbed from the colostrum). The foal should nurse for at least seven hours before blood is drawn to check IgG levels. Additional neonatal care, or recommendations such as IV plasma administration, will be instituted if needed at this time.

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